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Bookkeeper Help for Small Business Owners

Offshore Bookkeeping Center Offer High End Resources Keeping Cost Low for Everyone.

Know Your Bookkeeper for |Business Bookkeeping

Small Business owner, you need right bookkeeping to satisfy your business and personal growth not to become bookkeeper:

Choose your business goal-Why you are doing business?

When you own a business, you are required by law to keep accurate set of books to satisfy taxman. Is this be your goal to satisfy taxman? This is one objective but should not be your goal. Only a growing business should satisfy you and for this you not only had to keep good set of books, but also have them consistently updated.

You can opt for do-it-yourself and become a bookkeeper instead of becoming an entrepreneur. Becoming a bookkeeper will be best choice, had you been in bookkeeping business and go for bookkeeper certification.

Otherwise, for small business bookkeeping is a very time consuming job and it is very difficult for owners to take out time for record keeping. So for business owner it is advisable to look for an affordable bookkeeping service.

Hiring a bookkeeper is always good for business because bookkeeper frees your time for your business and customers. A bookkeeper not only save your time and but also help you manage you money, by keeping track on your receivables and payables.

Now you should be interested in knowing Bookkeeper job description and duties before you hire for your business.

Jobs and Responsibilities of Full Charge Bookkeeper Click to Read

  • We specialize in small businesses bookkeeping.
  • QuickBooks certified bookkeeper.
  • We understand the challenges small business.
  • Our services are customized as per any budget.
  • We will create efficient and;accurate bookkeeping system.

Let a certified small business bookkeeping specialist with QuickBooks do a free evaluation and consultation on your businesses bookkeeping system

How does it work?
  • You create a free VPN connection to your computer that hosts QuickBooks.
  • We will remotely access your QuickBooks company file. We will work through your company file with you.
  • You gets QuickBooks support or training.
  • You will get a QuickBooks representative from our company dedicated to you.
  • We reach out to your rep on an as needed basis to request a support meeting.

Hire Dedicated Bookkeeper for your business bookkeping for affordable rates

Hire Dedicated Bookkeeper for your business at low affordable cost

Hire Dedicated Accountant for your Accounting Firm Now!

FOR CPA Practices
Final Accounts Preparation Jobs


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virtual bookkeeping services

FOR CPA Practices
Final Accounts Preparation Jobs

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Advanages to offshore bookkeeping
  1. Increased efficiency and profitability
  2. Virtual Bookkeeping frees up office space.
  3. No Capital expenditure. Resource saved can now be used for core business activities.
  4. Expert accounting and bookkeeping service for a fraction of your current cost.
  5. No Minimum payment.
  6. Month to Month continued service that you can cancel any time.
  7. Fixed price that you pay only for services you use.

Bookkeeping Services:

Periodic Processing ( Daily / Weekly / Monthly )

  • Monthly Reconciliations
  • Checking / Saving / Credit Card / PayPal
  • Payroll Processing
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable
  • Monthly Financial Reports

Dedicated Bookkeeper:

Periodic Processing ( Daily / Weekly / Monthly )

  • Experienced offshore staff
  • Trustworthy company
  • Small Business Pricing
  • Same day response time
  • Secured servers & backups
  • Services offered remote (secure)
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